4 Common Forms of Windshield Damage You Should Know About

Not all forms of windshield damage will have the same effect on the auto glass repair outcomes. Below are four types of windshield chips and how they can affect the repair work.

Bull's eye chips

Bull's eye chips refer to the kind of damage that concentrates on the point of impact only. Many vehicles that are damaged by road debris usually have this type of glass damage. This type of damage is also the easiest to repair. The chances are high that you will see no sign of the damage once the repair has been completed. Additionally, there is a high possibility that the damage will not spread after the glass is repaired.

Star break chips

Star break chips are a more complex type of windshield damage. This type of chipping has lines of damage spreading out from the point where the rock or road debris made contact with the glass. These chips are harder to repair. Chances are also high that you will see some of the lines of the damage after the repair has been completed. However, the damage will not spread after the repair.

Half-moon chips

As the name suggests, half-moon chips are shaped like half a moon. This is due to the shape of the object that hit the glass. Half-moon chips are similar to bull's eye chips since no lines of damage radiate away from the point of impact. Consequently, it is likely that no visible sign of the damage will be left after repairs are completed.

Combination chips

The most complex type of damage is the combination chip. Such damage may exhibit the characteristics of more than one of the kinds of glass damage described earlier. For example, one part of the damage may have the attributes of a half-moon chip while another section of the damage looks like a bull's eye chip. Such chipping will usually leave visible signs of the damage even when a considerable skill is used during the auto glass repair process. There is a chance that the lines of this type of auto glass damage may spread later on.

It is advisable for you to talk to a glass repair professional at companies like National Windscreens before you decide which repair is right for your auto glass. The professional will assess the damage before recommending the best way to fix it. In case there is extensive damage, they will recommend replacement of the entire glass.This will save you from spending money on DIY repair kits for glass damage that cannot be repaired using basic tools or materials.

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